New Term


يسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We welcome our new and returning students to a fresh, new term starting from this Sunday, 18th September. 

Lets begin this year’s journey of knowledge with a code of excellence (ihsaan)




Registration Week: 18th-22nd September (Sunday-Thursday) 

Kindly note: The classes will begin from Sunday, 18th September. Students can attend the class and register on the same day. 


Mornings: Sunday-Thursday (8:30am-1:30pm)

Evening classes: Sunday (4pm-8pm), Tuesday (6-7:30pm)

How do I register for these classes?

  • Simply register on the day you attend your class
  • Bring along a copy of your Emirates ID
  • Fill in the registration form and submit it at the reception or to your class teacher 
  • All the classes are free of charge (except the new paid course)

How do I register for the *New Paid Course* – ‘Conversational Arabic’?

  • Follow the same steps as above 
  • Pay 500 dhs cash for the whole year. (Note: This amount is non refundable)


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