Registration Day + New Schedule (October 2015- June 2016)

Registration Day

Welcome to the New Term!!

Enrol for the New Term (Oct 2015-June 2016) on Tuesday, 29th September.

First day of the New Term is: Sunday, October 4th 

View the New Schedule below:

Timetable- Lectures 2015_16-3

Timetable- Arabic_tajweed 2015_16-2

Description of the classes  can be viewed on our Facebook Page:

**To register, students are required to bring a copy of their Emirates ID. This applies to the new and old students.

**Registration is free of charge and open to women & girls only 

However, they require utmost dedication as this study is the most noble, and honoured & greatly rewarded by Allah when done sincerely for His sake.

**Arabic, Tajweed & Qaidah Nooraniyah->>> These classes are open to the Students of Knowledge.

Add and drop for these classes:  Arabic, Tajweed, Qaidah Nooraniya and Inheritance of the Prophets.

Enrolling or dropping a class must be done in the first two weeks of the term.
Before dropping from a class kindly inform the receptionist.

For these classes, new students will not be accepted after the 2 week period. Regular Attendance is a requirement.


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