Ramadan Online Program


Ramadan Program


Starting from the first day of Ramadan, Thursday, 18th June in shaa Allah….

First Class will be @ 5am 

Strictly for Women only!!

->> Enjoy Iftar with your Sisters @ the Markaz, Every Sunday @ Iftar time till 8:30pm in shaa Allah. 

Q) How do I join the online classes (Live + Recording talks) on Wiziq?

Its very Simple Alhumdulillaah:

1) Go to http://www.wiziq.com . Sign up an account on Wiziq and follow the instructions.

2) Go to: http://www.wiziq.com/alhuda-sisters

3) Add AlHuda Sisters as shown on the link above. Please click on ‘Add as Contact’ and NOT ‘Follow the member’ option

4) )You will receive the invites to the classes:

a) Directly on your email (or you wiziq inbox) OR
b) On your wiziq.com homepage (make sure your are signed in). Click on My Classes – Live & Upcoming Classes

Q) I have signed up and added AlHuda Sisters but I still don’t get email invites!

Please check your spam/junk mail. If it is not there then please go directly to your wiziq homepage as mentioned above.

See Wiziq FAQS (for many concerns such as how to listen to talks on the ipad) : http://www.wiziq.com/help/

Q) How can I listen to a LIVE or Recorded Class?

Here’s how:
1. Click on the class invitation email that has been sent to you via email inbox/WIZIQ inbox (Wiziq inbox is on the top left hand side of your WIZIQ page)
2. Click on the link that says “View Complete Information”
3. A new window will appear that says “Join Class” for LIVE classes (green button). Click on it, and then click on “Launch Class”.
4. For Recorded Classes, click on the orange button which says “View Recording”.

Please note: Please DO NOT download the recording – even if the option is available. These classes should only be viewed and heard online. Downloading the recording is strictly NOT allowed.

Q) What are the conditions to attend the class?

In order to attend these classes, the student MUST abide by the following rules:

Headset must be used in order to respect the privacy of the teacher.
If they are unable to use a headset, then there should be no males of the age of discernment (7+) present with them during the lesson.
Recording of any part of the talk is strictly not allowed.

This is a trust that is upon the students when they register for the class, and Allaah is our Witness.

For further questions and concerns, please send us a “Wiziq Message”


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