Spring Program… Spring Cleaning


Tune in everyday for our Spring Program….

الإخلاص طريق الخلاص

Sincerity is the way to salvation 

From this Sunday, 29th March till Thursday 9th April 

8am -9am (Dubai time)

Venue: LIVE Online on wiziq.com

How to join our classes on Wiziq??

  1. Go to www.wiziq.com/alhuda-sisters 
  2. Create an account/Sign up
  3. Then add AlHuda sisters as a contact  (Do not follow, but add as contact)
  4. Before each class, you will get an invite via Email
  5. To enter our room, just click on the link provided on the email, then click on join the class, and finally launch class.

Note: You may be asked to download the flash player if you dont have it installed in your computer. 


Important Rules & Conditions to attend the online classes!!

In order to attend these classes, the student MUST abide by the following rules:

  • Headset must be used in order to respect the privacy of the teacher
    • If they are unable to use a headset, then there should be no males of the age of discernment (7+) present with them during the lesson.  
    • You should have your own personal email account. Not sharing an account with any Male.
  • Recording of any part of the talk is strictly not allowed

This is a trust that is upon the students when they register for the class, and Allaah is our Witness.

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