Eid Prayers + Eid Breakfast

Join us on Eid   for Prayers at Umm Suqeim Musalla .

(Map shown  below)

Eid prayers are  held for both men and women.

                                 Schedule time for Eid prayer : 6:32am
Do not forget to get a prayer rug along with you!
 Meeting point @ the Markaz:
6am inshaa Allah
Meeting point @ the Umm Suqeim Musalla (for those who will go directly):
We will be seated on the right side of the Musalla inshaAllah, so enter from the right gate (Ladies Section)
If needed, please contact us: 050-5856214
Eid Breakfast @ the Markaz
January 26


8am – 11am: Enjoy a scrumptious Eid breakfast at the Markaz with your beloved sisters.

Click below to read about the Sunnah Acts of Eid:

Eid Essentails: http://alhudasisters.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/eid-essentials-c-05162012.pdf


Location map for the Umm Suqeim Eid Musalla:

Nad Al Hamaar Eid Musalla:

Sisters residing near Nad Al Hammar can meet @ the Nad Al Hamaar Eid Musalla. Please contact  Furhanna (050-5942648) for location and meeting point.

Sharjah Eid Musalla:

Sisters in Sharjah can meet at the Musalla shown below. Please contact Sophie for location and meeting point: 050-8971271


5 thoughts on “Eid Prayers + Eid Breakfast

  1. Denise McGinty

    Assalamu Alikom WW
    Dear Sisters..may Allah have accepted all our prayers and May Allah accept it (the worship) from us and you, ameen
    Love to all my sisters,
    Denise Mc Ginty

  2. Umm Aya

    TaqabalAllahu minna wa minkum! Have a beautiful Eid everyone! I would have loved to join you girls today but I just got the news.

    With lots of love, hugs and kisses!


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