A Fragranced Life: 9th-12th Sept

Join us for a Week of Aroma:

~A Fragranced Life

Discover how to be blessed, and live a life fragranced & showered with  blessings from Allah

Nature_Flowers_Bouquet_of_pink_roses_025031_ Daisy-Pink-Flower-With-Perfume-Picture perfume_bottle-wide


9th-12th September: Monday – Thursday, 9:30am-11am

@ the Markaz, Umm Suqeim 122

Click: Location Map

Please note: Details for our new term will be posted soon in shaa Allah- Keep a watch on the blog for updates <3

7 thoughts on “A Fragranced Life: 9th-12th Sept

    1. alhudasisters

      Wa alaykum assalaam dear sis,

      Our talks are free of charge alhumdulillaah, and so is this event.

      Alhumdulillaah, a blessing from Allah.
      May Allah make us of those who learn and benefit from it, ameen


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