A Week of Parables + Registration Day for the NEW Term

 A Week of Parables: 16th-20th September (Sunday – Thursday)

 Sunday till Wednesday (16-19th)

8-9am: Memorization of Surah al Kahf

9am-12pm: A Story of the Parables in the Quran (in English)

5pm-6:30pm:  الامثال في القران (in Arabic) 

Please note: We will not have the  Sunday Evening class (in English) this week. We resume Sunday Evening classes from 23rd Sept inshaa Allah

Thursday, 20th Sept:

8-9am: Memorization of Surah Al Kahf

9am-11am: The Story of the Parables in the Quran

11am-12:30pm: Registration 

5pm-6:30pm:  الامثال في القران (in Arabic)


Registration Day for Arabic/Tajweed/Quran/New Muslims Course: 20th September, Thursday: 11am – 12:30pm @ the Markaz. 

Click on the image below to view the New Term’s Schedule: 

September 2012-June 2013


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