Post Ramadan Week: The Journey Continues…

Post Ramadan Week Special: The Journey Continues…

Saturday   (Short talk at the Eid Celebration on 3rd Sept), 5-5:30pm:

A believer’s journey after Ramadan

Sunday (4th Sept), 7:30pm-10pm:

 Means on maintaining the faith after Ramadan.

The talk will also inlclude the topic: ‘What should be our attitude after finishing the fasts in Ramadan?

Tuesday (6th Sept), 10am-11:30am:

انابة – ‘Inaabah’: Returning to Allah azza wa jal

And return [in repentance] and in obedience (Aneebo) with true faith to your Lord and submit to Him before the punishment comes upon you; then you will not be helped. (Surat Az-Zumar, 39:54)

Venue: Al Thanya Road, Villa 29 

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