Ramadan: The Blessed Breeze

هَلْ جَزَاء الْإِحْسَانِ إِلَّا  الْإِحْسَانُ

Is the reward for good [anything] but good? (55:60)

Join us on: 

Sunday, 31st July, 11am-12:30pm

for a Welcoming Ramadan Talk:

   رمضان والإحسان

Ramadan with Excellence


Ramadan Schedule from Sunday Evening, 31st July onwards:

***Daily Iftar: Enjoy a refreshing & delicious Iftar with your beloved sisters every evening at our Markaz. Open to all – Muslim & Non Muslim Women.

All our classes and events are free of charge, and open to women only! Registration is not required.
Extra Bonus: Short Duaa Series continues at the end of every morning class held in English.

Venue: Al Thanya Road, Vila 29 

Map: http://alhudasisters.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/markaz-al-huda-map-parking.jpg

For further details, please email us at alhuda.sisters@gmail.com or call 050-5856214/050-6537869

8 thoughts on “Ramadan: The Blessed Breeze

  1. Mahwash Fatima

    Asalamoalaikum.. will there be online classes? I am not in UAE anymore but would still love to attend your online programs from here.
    Please update
    JazakAllah khairun

  2. farishta

    first of all my wholed heart congrates goes to Sister iman on her beautiful markaz and the amazing team she has mashALLAH
    i loved the markaz and the idea for ramadan iftar was amazing as well
    RAMADAN KAREEM to alllllll my beloved sistters in islam love you all for the sake of Allah

  3. Farheen Urooj

    Assalamoalaikum,this is the first time i am writing.I wish all my sisters a happy and blessed Ramadan.May Allah shower His blessings the most on all of us.Please add me on your list and send me invitations for the live classes,i will be very grateful.I also have a wiziq account at the same email address.


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